About this site

An online catalogue
This website is designed to be an online catalogue of the works of Colin McCahon, one of New Zealand’s foremost artists.

How to use it
Each of McCahon’s works is identified with a unique number beginning ‘cm’ (i.e. cm000001). It is possible to search these records through several categories: title, series, date, medium, support, and exhibition. Where it has been recorded, those inscriptions that form part of the composition of a painting have been detailed in full. Digital images have been provided wherever possible. Records are intended to be as comprehensive as possible, but research into McCahon’s work is ongoing and will no doubt fill in existing gaps, or provide new information.

As yet unknown
It should also be noted that not all of McCahon’s works are catalogued on this website. When previously unidentified works appear at auction, or are brought to the attention of the Trust, each new notification will be researched and, once authenticated, added to the website to create a fuller understanding of the work of Colin McCahon. Potential inclusions for the database should be sent to the Honorary Secretary upon the completion of the notification of new works form.