Exhibition date:
25 February 2017 to 11 June 2017
45 Laings Rd, Lower Hutt
The Dowse Art Gallery

You are invited to explore our collection and the world through the eyes of Huttette. As Huttette turns 30 we imagine the adventures she has had over the years learning about the world through our collection of sculptures, paintings, and objects. She is a member of The Family, a collection of 35 dolls lovingly hand-made by the late Malcolm Harrison. In 2008 Huttette turned 21, and we invited Vita Cochran, whose own work has been inspired by Harrison's to reimagine her a she came of age. As part of that process we introduced Vita to objects from our collection which she used as inspiration to create this very special member of our Family. 

For the very first time ever we will be displaying these works together Colin McCahon’s Caterpillar Landscape, Warwick Freemans Circle Necklace and Brain Brooch and Vita Cochrans Bloom in Once. 

This exhibition was inspired by collaboration, and a love of the objects we hold in our collection. These values were carried through to the curation of the show which is shared by Jen Boland, community curator and our friends at Naenae clubhouse. Together they have created a magical space to share personal stories sparked by objects held here in Lower Hutt.

Acting as a home for Huttette, Malcolm Harrison’s Family and our objects has given us and our visitors a myriad of ways to discuss meaningful ideas in our community. Each object, and member of The Family has a special role in uncovering what we hold most dear and giving us a way to discuss meaningful ideas and initiatives.

We have loved creating this show and sharing our stories with our visitors. Now, we want to hear from you and your relationship with our exhibits and objects. You are invited to share your memories, draw a picture and place it in one of our frames to continue Huttette’s exploration of the world through our art museum.


Text extracted from The Dowse Art Gallery website.