Dark Sky

Exhibition date:
01 May 2012 to 08 July 2012
New Zealand
Adam Art Gallery

The Dark Sky exhibition explored how photography has been deployed to capture the skies. Delving into the intersections between science, art and commerce, the exhibition brought together a range of images and artworks from 1874 to the present. These ranged from pocket-sized Real-Photo Postcards, to digital prints sent from space, to large-scale contemporary images and multipart installations, made by artists, astronomers, professional photographers, and unmanned spacecraft.

Timed to coincide with the second and last Transit of Venus that took place this century (6 June 2012), the exhibition provided an occasion to think through our fascination for the celestial realm and examine its technological and visual consequences.

Curated by Geoffrey Batchen with Christina Barton.

Text taken from Adam Art Gallery website.