Otago Art Society Exhibition

Exhibition date:
New Zealand

No catalogue or exhibition list traced. The exhibition possibly included a painting of 'the Moutere hills' (referred to in a letter to Toss Woollaston, 8.12.1939, quoted in Gerald Barnett, Toss Woollaston, an illustrated biography, Wellington: National Gallery of Art - Random Century, 1991, p. 51) and/or the first Otago Peninsula painting (referred to by McCahon in an interview with Gordon Brown, 14 March 1979, unpublished typescript, based on three cassette tapes, deposited with the Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington.) 

McCahon remained an Artist Member of the OAS until 1945. No catalogues or exhibition lists for these years have been traced but it may be assumed he exibited in each of the annual Society Exhibitions for the period 1939-1945.

Text extracted from: Marja Bloem and Martin Browne, Colin McCahon: A Question of Faith. Craig Potton Publishing, New Zealand, 2002, p. 250.