Ten Years of New Zealand Painting in Auckland 1958-1967

Exhibition date:
March 1968 to April 1968
New Zealand
Auckland City Art Gallery

The past ten years have been particularly fruitful for New Zealand painting. This exhibition is intended to give some indication of developments during the period, but it is far from being definitive. For a number of reasons the original intention, to provide a survey of New Zealand painting since 1958, has had to be limited to a distinctly Auckland view of painting from that time. Consequently the framework for the exhibition has been provided by the annual New Zealand exhibitions mounted by the City Art Gallery, the Eight New Zealand Painters exhibitions of 1957, 1958 and 1959 and the Contemporary New Zealand Painting exhibitions of 1960 to 1966. 

G.C. Docking, March 1968.

Text extracted from: Ten Years of New Zealand Painting in Auckland, Auckland City Art Gallery, 1968, p. 3.