Copyright Reproduction Conditions

N.B. Copyright applications will take a minimum of three weeks to process. Urgent requests will be charged an additional fee of $50, or 50% of the Reproduction Fee, whichever is the greater.

The McCahon Research and Publication Trust requires applications to be made in writing for permission to reproduce works of art, letters and documents in the Estate of Colin McCahon. Applications should describe the intended purpose. Permission to reproduce is dependant on full acceptance of the conditions below. Before publication or use, permission must be obtained from the Secretary of the Trust.

The Trust charges a fee for any reproduction. Acceptance of fees is required before permission to reproduce is given. Fees may be negotiated in special circumstances and such special fees will not set a precedent.

Permission to reproduce and the fee payable covers only the specific occasion and use detailed in the application. Any additional use requires a new application and may incur an additional fee.

The Trust reserves the right to refuse applications.

The reproduced image must be high quality and the work must be reproduced in full. No cropping or overprinting is permitted.

The artist’s name and title must be correctly appellated as per the instruction of the Trust

Acknowledgement of the reproduction permission should read Courtesy of the Colin McCahon Research and Publication Trust.

Copyright approval will be granted on the payment of a fee. Until payment is received by the Trust, the approval is conditional and publication should not proceed. Exemption or reduction of fees may be granted if in the opinion of the Trust it is in the public interest.

Two copies of the publication are requested for the McCahon Trust archives.

Applications to: Hon. Secretary, Colin McCahon Research and Publication Trust, PO Box 5449, Wellesley St, Auckland.

Applications for permission to reproduce texts of Colin McCahon should be made directly to the McCahon family.



Colin McCahon Research and Publication Trust
Copyright Reproduction Fees

A minimum of 3 weeks should be allowed for processing.

  New Zealand Rights World Rights
Educational purposes
(theses, projects)
Free tba
Personal use
(eg A4 photos)
$250 tba
Gallery promotional fliers $25 (max $50 if multiple images)  
Public Gallery web page
      Other pages
Multiple images subject to negotiation
Scholarly publication, school text books,
exhibition catalogues, art magazine articles
$100 $300+
NZ: max $250 for multiples up to 10; $1,000 for scholarly books
Intl: max $750 for multiples in exhibition catalogues up to 10; $3,000 for scholarly books
Feature magazine articles;
artistic performances
$150 (subject to negotiation)  
Non-fiction commercial books $250 tba+
Display in public areas $100 tba+
TV and commercial movies $100* tba+
Postcards, greeting cards (museums) $250+ tba+
Postcards, greeting cards (commercial) $500+ tba+
Calendars, prints (museums) $300+ tba+
Advertising and display; use in major events
record covers, labels, packaging, posters, TV ads
$500+ tba+
Corporate reports, web pages
and in-house publications are subject to negotiation
$500 minimum tba+


NB Charge for urgent requests: minimum $50 or 50% of Repro. fee
* no reproduction fee for TV and news
+ fee to be fixed depending on print run